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Featured Site of the Week: Ideas at The Nest

Home Decor Ideas at The Nest

Nestled within the pages of The Knot, a gorgeous and highly interactive wedding site for the ladies, you will find The Nest. This site is positively brimming with creative and unique ideas to pretty up your pad, cheaply and easily. And what’s more, these project ideas are a blast to complete.

Some examples: Do-It-Yourself Wall Art, Make a Small Space Look Bigger, 5 Golden Rules of Renovation, Find a Contractor Check List, How To Clean the 10 Dirtiest Places in Your Home, a plethora of fancy decor inspiration and even a up-to-the-minute Trends Blog. And for the cherry on top, this site has one of the best online communities a lady will find for home improvement/decorating, etc. Need we say more?

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