Featured Site of the Week: Ideas at The Nest

Home Decor Ideas at The Nest

Nestled within the pages of The Knot, a gorgeous and highly interactive wedding site for the ladies, you will find The Nest. This site is positively brimming with creative and unique ideas to pretty up your pad, cheaply and easily. And what’s more, these project ideas are a blast to complete.

Some examples: Do-It-Yourself Wall Art, Make a Small Space Look Bigger, 5 Golden Rules of Renovation, Find a Contractor Check List, How To Clean the 10 Dirtiest Places in Your Home, a plethora of fancy decor inspiration and even a up-to-the-minute Trends Blog. And for the cherry on top, this site has one of the best online communities a lady will find for home improvement/decorating, etc. Need we say more?


Easy Fixes for a Leaky Faucet

Fix Your Leaky Faucet

cc) Spojeni

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. You lay your head down for a restful, well-deserved sleep after a long day at work and this sound pervades your ears. Drip. Drip. Drip. The sound of a leaky faucet can be maddening at night when all you want to do is sleep. You may not have a plumber for a father, but you may still be able to troubleshoot the problem yourself before calling in your local home improvement and repair company.

The professionals at Hampton Enterprise have compiled this easy guide to help even the least mechanically inclined fix a leak on their own, saving you money (and sleep). If you prefer, read the illustrated Squidoo Lens version of this post.

  1. Find the culprit.

    Is it the handle? The spout? Either way, damaged seals are most commonly to blame for the annoying drip. If you’ve got puddles underneath your sink, check your lines and hoses.

  2. Go to the store.

    Figure out what you need, whether it’s new O-rings, washers, hoses and/or cartridges. You will probably also need a screwdriver and pliers. Or maybe you’ll be lucky and you simply needed to tighten a bolt on your faucet handles.

  3. Disassemble.

    Turn off the water (of course) and close the drain so you don’t lose anything. Remove the handle with your screwdriver. There may be a small cap hiding the screw. Once the handle is off, your cartridge will be exposed. Unscrew the nut to pull this out.

  4. Replace.

    You can buy a new cartridge for about the same price as new O-rings and seals. Now put it back together and voila, no leak!

Ok, it’s still leaking! Now what? Well, we did find this handy Faucet Troubleshooting Guide on ACME How To. This may help you in any other drippy faucet troubles. If all else fails, call in the professionals! Also check out this Instructable by PaleoPunk. Continue reading

DIY How To: Rainbow Tiled Bathroom

DIY How To: Rainbow Tiled Bathroom

Click for Instructable and Do It Yourself!

Changing out the tiles in the bathroom yourself rather than hiring someone else to do it can be a laborious, tedious task – especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. Even the most traditional soccer mom grows weary at times of seeing plain white tiles, but it seems the choices when it comes to bathroom tiling can be very limited and dull, right?

Wrong! One glance at this gorgeous bathtub could make even the laziest of us all get up and run to the nearest hardware store. Each and every individual tile shown here has been meticulously hand painted with enamel paint. Creative, right?

(via FreshHome.com)

Featured Site of the Week: Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy Home Improvement

Apartment Therapy serves up home design inspiration for the sophisticated.

Hosting events, online home tours and classifieds in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, DC and Boston – this is much more than your average bear when it comes to home improvement and design ideas.

15 Finds: Absolutely Affordable Art for the Kitchen initially caught the eye of this blog author whilst perusing home improvement blogs. Apartment Therapy stands far above the severely over-populated Google search in home design for those looking to make their home the unique palace of creativity we all deserve.

Thrifty Kitchy Kitchen Revamp

Warm Kitchen

cc) The Daring Librarian

The kitchen is the warm center of any family home. In many homes, the kitchen doubles not only as a cooking space but also as a dining room. With all those bulky appliances and furniture, (not to mention family lured in by wafting aromas), the kitchen can also be the most crowded area of your home.

The kitchen can become a source of annoyance to the crafty, hip home decorator. Kitchens tend to be the most difficult (and expensive) room of any home or business to decorate. Typically, when we think of sprucing up our kitchens, the appliances are foremost in our minds. They take up so much of the kitchen space that if they are old and unattractive we find it difficult to decorate the rest of the kitchen.

Here’s an idea: You don’t have to shell out hundreds on new appliances to revamp your humdrum kitchen.

Hampton Enterprise has made it as simple as pie for you to have your dream kitchen without breaking the bank or even hiring a contractor with this handy

Thrifty Kitchy Kitchen Revamp List:

Start with the Cabinets

Brighten things up with white paint, dramatize with scarlet, open things up or draw attention to a backsplash with open shelving, glass cabinets or even removing some cabinets doors or grab some chalkboard paint for family messages.

Fall Back on Nature

Sometimes we try so hard to come up with complicated plans we forget the simple things. How ’bout just picking some flowers and snagging a whimsical vase from Uncommongoods?

Learn to Screenprint

Screenprinting is an old-school way to add new-school flavor to a boring table, apron or place mat. Far beyond t-shirts, the possibilities are limited only by your creativity! Learn how from DIY Ideas.

Add slipcovers and rugs.

Save money by purchasing or even sewing your own slipcovers rather than buying a new dining room set. The right rug can also be an expensive way to bring some warmth to your home’s heart.

Grab Some Bold Graphics. ($10)

The Nest has put together a thrifty cheap collection of mugs, plates, napkins and more featuring bold, modern graphics for only $10! Continue reading

Stop Staring at Blank Walls. Get Inspired!

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